santorini wedding receptions

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A wedding reception to remember

What’s the wedding of your dreams like? What are your expectations of the perfect wedding reception? Is it a formal sit down dinner or a cocktail party? Do you want it to be modern or classic? Perhaps a romantic dinner for two? Will you go for a four-course menu or do you love nibbling? What about an open bar or a bartender making cocktails just for you? Whatever you have dreamed of for an impeccable wedding reception the people of A&D Weddings will make it a reality without you having to worry about a thing!

What A&D Weddings can do!

The venues of Santorini and the imaginative proposals of A&D Weddings will help you create the perfect wedding reception in Santorini, tailor-made according to your needs! Our long experience in creating memorable receptions ensures that the whole day or night will flow seamlessly, according to all your special requests.

Tailor Made Wedding Receptions

Even if you are thinking of a themed wedding reception or the source of inspiration is based on traditions from your country of origin, we will make sure that you will feel like you are having your wedding in your home country. Couples from Asia, India, the Middle East, all around Europe or the Americas can all rest assured that the people of A&D Weddings will create the perfect atmosphere and will put together tastes according to the special culinary traditions of your home adding just the perfect touches of Santorini and the eternal Aegean beauty. 


The people of A&D Weddings will take care of all the details for the perfect luxury wedding and wedding reception in Santorini. Be prepared to enjoy a sophisticated party or a fun party, a romantic dinner for two or a feast with Greek and international rhythms that will make you move your feet and your body.  We will take care of the menu, the decoration and any extras (the likes of fireworks or live music) that will give to your wedding reception a very particular personal style! Together we will choose the perfect venue, the ideal menu with tastes that will be enjoyed, drinks to toast to the newlyweds and much more that will put together the perfect wedding reception.

The best wedding reception

We love preparing wedding receptions! The whole procedure is magic; from choosing the decoration, putting together the menu, checking that everyone is on the spot to welcome you and your guests; to make you feel amazing as a couple and celebrate the first hours of your new life as you wish and deserve!