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A Civil Wedding in Santorini!

So, your beloved one finally popped the question and the answer "I do" just became the starting point of the first chapter in your life together. And together, you decided to travel to Santorini, to the most romantic and idyllic island that will be the ideal place for you to unite your souls and your lives. 

A civil wedding in Santorini might seem like a simple procedure but you will soon realize that the options are so plentiful and different that can be confusing as well as interesting. That's the crucial point when you will definitely need the services and the help of someone who not only knows the island and its particularities inside and out but who will also be by your side all the way making sure that everything is organized as per your wishes. 

The people of Santorini Luxury Weddings with their many years of experience and expertise will assist you and recommend you the best solutions for every aspect of the organization of your wedding; the best venue and reception spots, the most inspired make-up and hair artists, the most tasteful florists, as well as the most updated DJ's who will give a different beat to your wedding with their music. You just need to decide on the guest-list and the time of year when you wish your wedding ceremony to be performed. 

As for the most boring part of the organization, the paperwork, let the experts of Santorini Luxury Weddings take care of this too. Just keep in mind that, when you arrive in Santorini, you are required to have with you your birth certificates and letters of non-impediment as well as your passports, of course. And if all these sound a lot, don't worry because we will always be there to provide you with the necessary details so that everything is set and ready for when you arrive in Santorini. 

The magical and unique island of Santorini is here to welcome you, your friends and family to enjoy and experience together the most important moment of your new life as a couple. Leave the stress behind and let yourselves in the trustworthy hands of Santorini Luxury Weddings and we promise you that every single moment of your civil wedding in Santorini will remain forever engraved in your memory making you want to return again and again only to relive the same, adorable moments.  

A beautiful Symbolic Wedding in Santorini

Symbolic weddings are getting even more popular every year. There is no paperwork required; only lots of love; Santorini offers the best scenery to organize a symbolic wedding where you and your significant other will have the chance to enjoy a very special day and a ceremony that you will remember forever. 

Symbolic weddings are ideal if you are already married and wish to renew your vows or you are a gay couple wishing to have a wedding as special as your connection. There are no restrictions when you are organizing a symbolic wedding so you are free to choose the theme, the ceremony’s itinerary and all these things that will make this day as unique as you as a couple. There can be a totally formal style or you can even have a wedding by the beach, where the waves of the sea meet the black volcanic sand of Santorini.

Since there will be no official paperwork required, you will have the time to explore all the options for wedding venues, even the most unusual and unique ones, such as a winery, a traditional cave house, a fisherman's boat or a luxury catamaran. So, instead of getting lost in the bureaucracy, a setback that Greece is sadly famous for, you will dedicate your days before and after getting to the island to the preparations for the symbolic wedding of your dreams. 

The people of Santorini Luxury Weddings will be by your side in this case as well, because, despite the simplicity of the procedure, a symbolic wedding can take a lot of time to organize. You will still need to search for the experts in every field such as the florist, the DJ or the musicians, the catering, even the make-up artist or the hairdresser. We in Santorini Luxury Weddings, know for a fact all the secrets on how to organize the perfect symbolic luxury wedding on the island of Santorini and it is always our pleasure not only to pass this knowledge on but, above all, to take care of all the details so that you get to the "altar" calm and stress free. 

For any advice or requests,  you just need to contact us and let us guide you through the unique scenery of the volcanic island of Santorini which will signify in the most beautiful way the new chapter of your exciting life as a couple.  

Renewal of Vows: "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence"

Renewing your vows is a very special celebration for a married couple. Some want to celebrate being together for many years, showing to their friends and family that they are still in love and would remarry in a heartbeat. Others decide to renew their vows after a tough period in their life, proving that the difficulties are not capable of destroying their loving relationship. There are also those who, at the time of their original wedding, didn't have the means to organize the wedding they wanted, so after many years they can, at last, have the ceremony and reception of their dreams renewing their vows. 

No matter why you decide to proceed to a vow renewal, Santorini Luxury Weddings will be by your side to assist you with anything you may request. A vow renewal ceremony, although sounding simple, requires the same attention as the first wedding, if not more, depending on its extravagance. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that, due to the informality of the ceremony, there will be no need of certificates of any kind, bridesmaids or even a legal person to officiate; one of your friends of family can host the ceremony. 

Bureaucracy aside, a vows renewal ceremony can be challenging to organize because there are so many things to think about; the venue, the flowers, the menu, the drinks, even the gown, the hair and the make-up. The fact that it will be a "second" wedding doesn't mean that you shouldn't be pampered and enjoy the process to its fullest. With the help of the experts of Santorini Luxury Weddings, you will find the ideal place to host one of the most important moments of your life. Do it traditionally at the courtyard of a church, at a terrace with a beautiful view to the caldera, even at the beach or aboard a boat, catamaran or yacht. 

Whether you choose to have an intimate reaffirmation, inviting just close family and friends who have known you through the years, or throwing a large party for your extended family and a wider circle of friends, the experienced people of Santorini Luxury Weddings are here, not only to take care of any boring detail of the procedure, but also to brainstorm ideas, guiding you through the magic of renewing your vows at the unique island of Santorini.    

Orthodox Weddings in Santorini

A Greek Orthodox wedding is an ancient ceremony which, until today, maintains its symbolism and meaning. The ceremony consists of two parts, the betrothal and the coronation. During the betrothal, the engagement as it's commonly known, the orthodox priest blesses the rings, while the koumbaros, the best man, puts them on the bride and groom. Further on, the koumbaros is going to be the one who, during the coronation, will put the crowns on the couple, which are usually made of orange blossoms, semi-precious stones, threads of gold or silver and they are joined by a white ribbon to symbolize the couple's unity. Right after the wedding ceremony, the guests shower the couple with rice to symbolize the wealth of the marriage and, in their turn, the couple offers bonbonnieres, sugar coated almonds, to the guests to thank them for attending the wedding. 

A Greek Orthodox wedding is unique in many ways, but primarily in that the ceremony has remained almost entirely unchanged since its origination centuries ago. Many people believe that it is fairly easy to organize a traditional Orthodox wedding; however, there are certain things to be taken into consideration in order not to be found before unpleasant surprises. Since the wedding is taking place in an orthodox church, the bride, the groom and the best man must be of the Christian Orthodox denomination. Apart from the baptism and birth certificates, you will also need a certification letter of non-previous marriage signed by a bishop of your church or, of course, a divorce certificate if one or both parties have been previously married. Also, nowadays, the wedding can be performed if the bride or groom is from another dogma, not Orthodox but Christian for sure, but more acts are required. 

All the above-mentioned procedures and acts might seem a lot and complicated but you shouldn't let them discourage you. The people of Santorini Luxury Weddings are here, by your side, not only to give ideas and smart solutions about the organization of the wedding venue and reception but also to take care of all these complicated yet important, bureaucratic details, so that you maintain your focus to the most essential, the most beautiful day; your wedding day when you will be in front of the representative of God, along with your friends and family, uniting your lives and souls forever under the most idyllic scenery of the natural beauty of Santorini. 

A Catholic Wedding in Santorini!

Greece, Santorini in particular, is one of the top wedding destinations worldwide. People land to Santorini every year in order to get married, blessed by the unique energy and power of this lava-dominated island. However, very few know that, despite the dominant percentage of Christian Orthodox, Greece is also an ideal place to organize your Catholic wedding. 

Without the slightest trace religious discrimination, since thousands of Greeks are Christian Orthodox, Santorini hosts every year many Catholic ceremonies at the church of St' John the Baptist located in Fira, the capital of the island. The church was built in 1823 and it was rebuilt around 1970 after being completely destroyed by the big earthquake of 1956. The baroque architecture with the blue-grey and cream colors of the church perfectly complements the dream of an unforgettable luxury wedding in Santorini. 

As far as the ceremony itself is concerned, what you should probably know is that the ritual is performed according to the typical Catholic Wedding Ceremony, although many priests are flexible in adding or removing details as per your wishes. What is certain is that both the groom and the bride will have to present a baptism certificate as well as a single status letter. Since the wedding will take place away from your parish, you will need to ask from your bishop to provide you with written permission, as well as a "Pre-Cana" letter, so that you can perform your wedding on the beautiful island of Santorini.  

Do all these seem a lot to remember and prepare? Don't get stressed at all, because the people of Santorini Luxury Weddings will be by your side at every moment and stage of the preparation of your Catholic wedding. The only thing you need to do is pick your best man and bridesmaids to stand next to you during the most important ritual of your life. The rest will be taken care of by the specialized staff of Santorini Luxury Weddings who, not only will take care of the venue and reception spots, but will also inform you in detail regarding all the typical and bureaucratic procedures which, although usually frighten the couple, in your case will seem a piece of cake and will let you enjoy to the fullest the most important thing; the unique moment of your wedding and your new life which will start here, on the unique island of Santorini.